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Choosing Right Jewelry
Jewelry like clothes can make or mar your appearance. It is no use having a smart well-cut choli and a beautiful saree if you will ruin it with unsuitable jewelry. What makes a woman appear pleasing and draw attention to her is her good jewelry sense. A sophisticated woman would always team a white chiffon saree having jet black print on it with either light diamond or pearl jewelry in this attire. This is to tell you that every attire requires different type of jewelry. In this way, every season, every mood and different
occasions require different types of jewelry.

In summer to feel cool and garden-fresh, you should wear light clothes in softest of shades. Soft shades should be offset with either silver, pearl or diamond jewelry. But avoid wearing too many jewels as these will make you feel hot and uncomfortable. Wear the barest amount and look cool and graceful.

Monsoon requires vivid vibrant colors glowing turquoise, rich green, deep orange to beat the grey rainy days. And with vibrant colors you require vibrant jewelry made of gold, precious stones and mina work, anything which puts a glow in your complexion should be worn during this season. And winter is the season when you can wear everything and anything and look bewitching.

Like different seasons, the different occasions require different makeup tips and jewelry. You should choose the jewelry you wear during different occasions very carefully, because badly chosen jewelry can ruin you whole personality.

For morning outings wear a simple strand of pearls, delicate mangulsutra or a simple gold chain. Ear tops or other delicate ear-rings with one or two gold bangles on the arms will look pretty.
For afternoon lunches and parties you can go in for a little more elaborate jewelry and this means delicate sets of diamond, mina or precious tones. At night, you jewelry can be mire elaborate but very heavy jewelry with elaborate diamond mina and precious stones should be worn on very dressy occasions only.

Different colors of dresses also require different colored jewelry. All the women should have two basic shades of jewelry in an excellent combination with cream, yellow, red, most greens, violet and various shades of brown. Silver looks excellent with peach, white, pale pink, blue almond green and every delicate shade. Besides these two basic types of jewelry which every woman can afford, there are the exclusive diamonds, pearls, jadau and mina jewelry. It you can afford blue mina jewelry, a pink saree would look beautiful with blue mina jewelry and a cream or black outfit would look stunning in a diamond set. If you can, buy varied type of jewelry, add to it jewelry by wearing it by rotation. In this way you will be the envy of all the women and remember jewelry is not only a great asset which adds to you appearance but is also an extremely sound investment

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