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EID Special Recipes
Mutton Kababs With Capsicum (Hits:1241)
Mutton Biryani (Hits:1697)
Beef with Broccoli (Hits:1035)
Asian Beef with Snow Peas (Hits:1015)
Grilled Meat Cubes (Hits:1458)
Kat-A-Kat (Hits:1267)
Achari Gosht (Hits:1935)
Handi Kabab (Hits:1645)
Brain Masala (Hits:1244)
Shahi Mutton Qorma (Hits:1368)
Pasanday (Hits:1280)
Mutton Stew (Hits:1274)
Mutton Leg Roast (Hits:1413)
Beef Qorma (Hits:2229)
Special Bihari Kabab (Hits:1681)
Special Beef Tikka (Hits:1251)
Special Karahi Gosht (Hits:2395)
Shahi Tukray (Hits:1928)
Tandoori Seekh Kabab (Hits:1977)
Kachay Qeemay Ke Kabab (Hits:2105)
Chicken Biryani (Hits:2027)
Gosht Ki Curry (Hits:1592)
Mirch Ka Salan (Hits:1570)
Mutton Fry Chops (Hits:1590)
Spring Fried Beef (Hits:1413)
Shahi Seekh Kebab (Hits:2014)
Fried Qeema with Stuffed Green Chillies (Hits:2428)

Newly Added Recipes
Chicken Karahi Hits: 3667
Chicken Pizza Hits: 2738
Cheese Cake Hits: 1929
Special Chicken Biryani Hits: 3332
Fish Achari Hits: 2080
Chapli Kabab Hits: 2199
Tanduri Seekh Kabab Hits: 2088
Coffee Ice Cream Hits: 2112
Spring Rolls Hits: 3468
Vegetable N Cheese Burger Hits: 2628

Random Recipes
Imli Chutney
Stuffed Pruned
Brisket With Apricots, Prunes And Sweet Potatoes
Beef Pizzaiola
Chicken And Cornbread Dressing
Noodles & Vegetables Salad
Taco-flavored Fried Chicken
Ginger-lemon Brew
Chicken With Walnuts In Plum Sauce
Mango And Black Bean Salad

Cooking Tips Special Recipes
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Top 10 Recipes
Kfc Hot Shots Hits: 16035
Maash Ki Dal Hits: 11834
Chinese Style Fried Rice Hits: 7270
Kashmiri Chai Hits: 7204
Special Samosa Hits: 6777
White Chicken Qorma Hits: 6066
Vegetable Biryani Hits: 5918
Spicy Potato Bites Hits: 5836
Nihari Hits: 5797
Pao Bhaji Hits: 5676

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