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Pedicure Tips
Just like the hands need to be cured and cared for, the feet need it all the more. This is because the feet are all the more exposed to the dirt and grime of the ground, especially if one is used to wearing open-footwear like slippers and sandals. And according to experts from the medical field, maintaining clean and hygienic feet helps maintaining a healthy body. Another secret is all acupressure points of the body are situated on the sole, so along with a regular pedicure one can also give the self-acupressure.

Given here are at-home pedicure tips:

1. One first needs to remove the old nail polish with a nail polish remover. Avoiding using acetone, as it can be rather harsh on the nails. Also one needs to remove the nail polish using circular motions
2. After this the nails should be cut to the required length
3. Then the toenails need to be filed for smooth edges
4. The feet should then be dipped for ten minutes in warm soapy water
5. After ten minutes the feet should be removed from the water and dried with a soft towel
6. The cuticle remover should be used following the instructions. Then a cuticle clipper needs to be used in order to clip away the dead cuticles. This needs to be done gently
7. Using a foot scrubber or pumice stone one needs to gently scrub their feet so that all the dead skin is removed
8. Then dip the feet into the soapy water for five minutes
9. After this remove the feet and dry them with the towel. Then with a foot cream massage each foot, up to the knee for five to ten minutes, each
10. Finally, wipe the feet and apply a coat of nail polish, preferably just a topcoat

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