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Face Powder Tips
Use loose powder to set makeup and compact powder for easy touch-ups during the day or night. For excessively oily skin, use Translucent Ultra Matte Powder.

For warmer climates or in the summer, take special care to set your foundation with a loose powder, as heat tends to create slipping or running of your foundation. This is especially so in the case of cream foundation as they tend to have a higher oil content.

Set your foundations with a Sacha Cosmetics Loose Powder. Keep your compact powder handy for touch ups during the day. If you ’shine’ a lot you should use an oil absorbent powder such as Sacha’s Ultra Matte Powders in Light, Medium or Dark.

Dust a light layer of pressed powder over the face. A pressed powder with an SPF 15 that includes the UVA-protecting ingredients avobenzone, titanium dioxide, or zinc oxide is an excellent option to assure all day sun protection.

Too much color? Most makeup artists dust on a layer of loose powder or pressed powder to take off the edge.

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