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Neurology Related Topics
Acl Injury - Neurology
There are two cruciate ligaments in the knee joint that connect the femur (thigh bone) to the tibia (shin bone). They are located inside the knee joint, forming an "X" pattern. The anterior cruciate..
Baseball Finger - Neurology
Baseball finger, also called mallet finger, is a finger injury characterized by the inability to extend the finger. (the tip of the finger cannot be straightened out). A tendon rupture is commonly se..
Brain Attack - Neurology
A stroke occurs when an infarct (damage) to the brain occurs, either because there is not enough blood or oxygen (nonhemorrhagic stroke) going to the brain, or due to bleeding into the brain (hemorrha..
Diabetic Foot - Neurology
Foot problems are common complications for people with diabetes. These include callus, dry skin with peeling and cracks, Foot Ulcers and other foot deformities. There is no such thing as a trivia..
Korsakoff's Syndrome - Neurology
This is a syndrome caused by a deficiency of thiamin (also called vitamin B1) and abuse of alcohol. It is characterized by amnesia. Patients may also confabulate, ramble in their speech, and make up ..
Speech Problems - Neurology
Dysphonia simply means difficulty in speaking, specifically in the phonation of sound. Dysphonia may occur during puberty when voice changes occur, after a cold, or with sore throat (e.g., hoarseness..
Stroke - Neurology
The cerebral hemisphere of our bicameral (two-chambered) brain is known as the seat of thought, memory, awareness, motor function, sensory function, and speech -- i.e., the higher brain. When a hemor..
Tennis Elbow - Neurology
This is a pain syndrome that affects the elbow. It is believed that repetitive motion of the muscles of the forearm cause microscopic tears in the tendons that attach to the elbow...