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The most valuable and the most perishable, resource in any organization is, in fact, the human resources. Unfortunately, there are not many organizations in Pakistan that uses this resource optimally. Most of them abuse, misallocate and misdirect this resource to an incredible degree. All organizations, whether national, multinational or international, have to deal with this resource, which is limited in the environments it operates. Organizations strive to use these limited or scarce resources efficiently and effectively in order to achieve their goals and objectives. The most important elements for the today's organizational success are work-force skills, product quality and customer service. All the three elements are heavily dependent upon human resources the education, training and motivation embodied in people. In present day dynamic business world, change is the only factor, which will remain constant: changes in technology, consumer demand, demographic composition of work-force and global competition will have impact on the role of human resource professionals. With time, organizations are becoming increasingly aware of HR contribution to the progress and growth of their businesses.

In this millennium, slowly but surely all countries are becoming safer and more attractive for investments. More and more socialist and centrally planned closed economies are opening up for trade and investment opportunities. Countries are opting for free-market economies, private ownership is being encouraged, the importance of the consumers is being realized and generally they are also becoming more democratic. At the same time, new institutions are emerging to reduce non-commercial risk of multinational ventures. These developments in the world market have significant impact on the future of HR practitioners in terms of research and professional practice.

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