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Human resource in any country is the primary factor for setting up the direction and pace of the socio-economic development. For achieving a substantial part of our industrial vision, there is a need to create and nurture a well-developed human capital base, with skills and work ethics of highest quality. The nation's capacity to face the challenges of industrialization and globalization of business towards the 21st century depends heavily on its human resources. Out of capital, technology and human resources, it is the human resources that will help organizations to face the challenges of business globalization. Capital can be generated, technology can be developed, but the rightly and appropriately encouraged and motivated human resource is required to propel the organization and the nation through the coming challenges.

Pakistan is blessed with high quality of human resources, which is also industrious and productive, but much less demanding than its counterpart in developed world. The Pakistani nation is hard working and has always stood up to expectations. The people are energetic and our workers are dedicated. In fact, HR is the most important contributor to the economic success of Pakistan over the past decades. Pakistanis have proven to have the required quality, commitment, and a will to succeed. Human resources are playing an important role in the transformation of Pakistan from an underdeveloped country to a prosperous nation. What is required is guidance and necessary assistance to increase their capabilities and enhance the output. The government has put in special efforts in developing and utilizing human resources. In the present day tight labour market, the emphasis is on upgrading the skills of the work-force, increasing employee productivity, encouraging wage flexibility and attracting talents from overseas.

We know there are many organizations in Pakistan, who still believe that the role of human resource professionals do not apply to them. The same goes for the recent work-force legislation. There are many larger organizations that recognize their commitments to have the best practices in HR, but unfortunately fail to deliver in it's implementation. How many organizations can genuinely and honestly state that they practised or even care about staff retention policy?

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