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Job Special Report6

The government of Pakistan has often expressed its desire to develop a group of experienced human resource professionals who see the opportunity to turn human capital strategy into a long-term competitive advantage. This group of HR community must have sustained competence quality and have a global HR vision. Competent human resource professionals recognize the requirements of the profession and are willing to invest in maintaining and improving their skills and knowledge during rapidly changing times. In the face of the new complexity of HR, where new executive buyers are demanding HR solutions with business value, new ways must be found to bring professionals to high performance levels. HR professionals must be armed with a broader and deeper set of competencies, not just in HR skills but in general business and interpersonal skills, and in technology.

Times have now changed, but has our thinking changed? It is hoped that a sizable budget share will go to the development of HR community in Pakistan and a significant change will be visible in the near future and the country will be launched on the road to progress and prosperity.

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