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Kitchen Tip (To Preserve Longer The Garlic?)
1. First, a couple of easy ways to save money and energy when using your dishwasher are: to run it when it is completely full and run it only at night when electricity and hot water use are not at peak. 2. Stop the dishwasher after the rinse cycle so the dishes can air dry, and youre not paying for a drying cycle. 3. Are dishes turning up spotted with food Check the strainer in the bottom or back of the machine. A clog is likely to blame, remove any debris thats visible, and pour white vinegar directly over the strainer to break up any deposits. 4. If youre going away for a couple of weeks, pour a few tablespoons of rubbing alcohol in the bottom of your machine. This will help prevent the seals from drying while it is not in use. 5. Load bigger, dishes around the outside and smaller ones on the inside of your dishwasher. The water in most machines jets through the center, this placement will ensure all of the dishes get clean. For fragile glasses, put them in the back of the machine where the water jets aren t as powerful!
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To Preserve Longer The Garlic?
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Milder Garlic?
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