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Kitchen Tip (Fresh Egg?)
1. Write down your model number and get yourself a new gasket. 2. Put food in a cooler; youre going to have the fridge door open for a while so better safe than sorry. 3. You need to do a little prep work on the new gasket before you install it. Heat the gasket to work out the kinks. You can use your clothes dryer, warm water or a hairdryer. This will soften the rubber. 4. Now, lift the old gasket lip up so you can see how it is attached to the fridge, you will most likely need to loosen some retaining nuts or screws, donot take them all the way out, just loosen them a couple of turns so you can start to remove the gasket from the door. 5. Starting in a corner, line new gasket up on the door, and then carefully work your way around removing the old and securing the new as you go.
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