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Kitchen Tip (Milder Garlic?)
1. When youre baking, if you use glass or ceramic pans you can generally set the temperature twenty-five degrees lower than a recipe calls for! 2. Donot open the oven to check the food more than necessary. Twenty five percent of the heat in the oven is lost when you open the door. 3. You can also turn your oven off about ten minutes before the end of cooking time to save yourself some dough. 4. When cooking on the stovetop, cover pans. It takes almost twice as long to boil a pot of water without a cover, and thats just wasteful! 5. If you donot need your stove exhaust fan in the winter, donot use it. Its just sending heated air up and out of the house! 6. As for the fridge, donot put it directly beside a heat source and make sure that there is space on both sides so it has room to breathe. It will be more efficient and last longer! 7. Make sure you clean behind and underneath your refrigerator at least twice a year, dust and dirt build-up makes the machine work harder than it needs to.
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To Preserve Longer The Garlic?
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Milder Garlic?
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