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Appetizer >> A Festive And Elegant Appetizer
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Appetizer >> A Festive And Elegant Appetizer


Pastry: ¾ Cup All-purpose Flour ¼ Cup Butter, Softened 1 (3-ounce) Package Cream Cheese, Softened Brie Filling: 1 (8-ounce) 4-inch Diameter Round Brie Cheese With The Rind Intact* 3 Tablespoons Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce (or Use Your Favorite Preserves Such As Apricot Or Cherry) 2 Tablespoons Chopped Almonds, Pecansj Or Hazelnuts, Toasted Egg Wash: 1 Large Egg 1 Teaspoon Water Accompaniments: Apple Or Pear Slices Assorted Crackers
In A Large Mixing Bowl, Beat Flour, Butter And Cream Cheese At Low Speed, Scraping Bowl Often, Until Mixture Is Blended And Forms Into Dough.
Divide Pastry Dough In Half; Form Into Balls And Wrap In Plastic Food Wrap.
Refrigerate Until Firm (1 Hour).
Heat Oven To 400of (200oc).
Roll Each Pastry Ball Out On A Lightly Floured Surface To 1/8-inch Thickness.
Cut Each Into 8-inch Circles (use Excess Pastry Dough To Decorate).
Place 1 Pastry Circle On An Ungreased Baking Sheet.
Place Brie On Center And Spread Cranberry Sauce Over Top Of Brie Cheese; Sprinkle With Toasted Nuts.
Top With Other Pastry Circle.
Pinch Edges Of Pastry To Seal And Flute Edges.
If Desired, Decorate Top Cut-out Shapes Formed From The Excess Pastry Dough.
For Egg Wash: Beat Egg With Water In Small Bowl And Brush The Top And Sides Of Pastry.
Bake For 15 To 20 Minutes Or Until Golden Brown.
Remove From Baking Sheet Immediately.
Let Stand 30 Minutes To Allow Cheese To Set.
Serve With Apple Or Pear Slices And Crackers

A Festive And Elegant Appetizer, Perfect For The Holidays Or When You Want To Make Any Occasion Just A Bit More Special. Makes 6 To 8 Servings. * The Rind Is Edible And Helps To Keep Its Shape In The Pastry You can serve with your family and friends.
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