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Snacks >> Chicken Cutlets
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Snacks >> Chicken Cutlets



column 1: Chikcen 1 Cup (boild & Threaded) Salt Tsp Chinese Salt Tsp Soy Sauce 1 Tsp Carrot 1 (boiled & Cut Into Square Pieces) Band Gobhi 1 Cup(bareek Kati Hui) Safaid Mirch 1tsp Column 2: Aaloo 250gm (boiled N Mashed) Namak 1 Tsp Safaid Mirch 1 Tsp Column 3: Eggs 2 (gently Beaten) Bread Crums (as Needed) Column 4: Oil (for Frying)

threaded Chicken Main Column 1 Ke Tamam Ingrediants Shamil Kar Kar Ke Achi Tarha Mix Kar Lain, Aur Chotay Chotay Gol Kabab Bana Lain Mashed Aaloo Main Column 2 Ke Ingrediants Shamil Kar Ke Mix Karain Aur Chicken Ke Kababon Ko Mashed Aaloo Ke Mixture Se Poori Tarha Cover Kar Dain Ab In Kababon Ko Beaten Eggs Main Dip Kar Ke Bread Crums Main Roll Karain Aur Deep Fry Kar Lain.
Mazedaar Chicken Cutlets Ready Hain.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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