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Chicken >> Almond White Chicken
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Chicken >> Almond White Chicken


Chicken 1 Cut Into 10 Peices Oil ½ Cup Almonds 20 Blanched And Grinded And Mix It With Curd 1 Cup Boil Egg 1 For Garnish Salt 1 Tsp Levelled Grind Together: Ginger 1 Piece 6 Green Chillies 6 Garlic Cloves
Put About 1 Cup Water In A Pan And Add Your Chicken With Grinded Hara Masala And Salt And Cook On Low Flame.
Then Add In Curd And Almond Mixture Stir Well And Cook Covered On Low Flame.
Heat ½ Cup Oil On A Fry Pan Add In 1 Tsp Crushed Garlic And Fry Till Golden.
Add To The Chicken And Cook Till Gravy Thickish Like Korma.
Serve Garnished With Boiled Egg Serve With Naan Or Taftan.

Serve For 5 You can serve with your family and friends.
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