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Beef >> Asian Beef With Snow Peas
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Beef >> Asian Beef With Snow Peas


3 Tablespoons Soy Sauce 2 Tablespoons Rice Wine 1 Tablespoon Brown Sugar ½ Teaspoon Cornstarch 1 Tablespoon Vegetable Oil 1 Tablespoon Minced Fresh Ginger Root 1 Tablespoon Minced Garlic 1 Pound Beef Round Steak, Cut Into Thin Strips 8 Ounces Snow Peas
In A Small Bowl, Combine The Soy Sauce, Rice Wine, Brown Sugar And Cornstarch.
Set Aside.
Heat Oil In A Wok Or Skillet Over Medium High Heat.
Stir-fry Ginger And Garlic For 30 Seconds.
Add The Steak And Stir-fry For 2 Minutes Or Until Evenly Browned.
Add The Snow Peas And Stir-fry For An Additional 3 Minutes.
Add The Soy Sauce Mixture, Bring To A Boil, Stirring Constantly.
Lower Heat And Simmer Until The Sauce Is Thick And Smooth.
Serve Immediately.

"stir-fried Beef In A Light Gingery Sauce. Serve Over Steamed Rice Or Hot Egg Noodles." Recipe Yield: 4 Servings. You can serve with your family and friends.
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