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Beef >> Boiled Dumplings
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Beef >> Boiled Dumplings


4 ½ Cups (500 G) Flour, Sifted 10 ½ Oz (300 G) Lean Boneless Pork Or Mutton, Minced 1 Tsp Salt, Or To Taste 6 ½ Tbsp (100 G) Scallions, Chopped 2 Tsp Ginger, Chopped 1/8 Tsp Five-spice Powder ½ Tsp Msg (optional)
1. Mix The Flour With 3 ½ Oz (100 Ml) Of Water To Make A Dough.
Knead Until Smooth And Let Stand For 30 Minutes.
2. To Prepare The Filling, Mix The Pork Or Mutton With 7 Oz (200 Ml) Of Water And The Salt.
Stir In One Direction Until It Becomes A Paste.
Add The Scallions And Blend Well.
Divide Filling Into 100 Portions.
3. Divide The Dough Into 4 Portions And Roll Into Long Rolls.
Cut Each Into 25 Pieces.
Flatten Each Piece And Roll Into 2 Inches (5 Cm) Circles.
Place 1 Portion Of Filling In The Center Of Each Wrapper And Fold The Dough Over It, Making A Bonnet-shaped Pouch.
Pinch The Edges Together To Seal The Dumpling.
Repeat Until All The Dough And Filling Are Used.
4. Bring 8 Cups (2 Litres) Of Water To A Boil Over High Heat, Add Half The Dumplings.
Stir Them Around Gently With A Ladel, And Let The Water Return To A Boil.
Add Enough Cold Water To Stop The Boiling, Then Bring Back To A Boil.
When The Water Boils Again, Add More Cold Water And Bring To A Boil A Third Time.
The Dumplings Will Be Done When They Float To The Surface.
Remove, Drain Well, And Serve.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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