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Dessert >> Trifle
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Dessert >> Trifle


Few Slices Of Plain Sponge Cake 1 Liter Of Milk 2 Tbs. Custard Powder 3-4 Tbs. Sugar (more If You Like It Really Sweet) Assorted Fruits Chopped Whipped Cream Jello (flavored Gelatin). Prepare According To Instructions On The Packet
In A Dish, Line The Bottom With Slices Of The Sponge Cake.
Sprinkle A Little Milk Or Any Fruit Juice To Moisten It. In A Cup Combine The Custard Powder With 2 Tablespoons Of Milk And Mix To Form A Paste.
In A Saucepan, Bring The Liter Of Milk To Boil And Add The Custard Powder Mix Slowly While Stirring Simultaneously. Simmer For 5 Minutes Till Slightly Thick Then Remove From Heat. When A Bit Cool Spread Evenly Over The Cake Layer.
Then Add A Layer Of Fruits.
Mix The Jello According To Instructions On The Packet.
When The Jello Has Cooled And Has Started To Thicken, Spread It As A Layer Over The Fruit. Leave To Cool And Set For A While In The Fridge.
Top With Whipped Cream.
Chill And Serve,

Serving: 4-6 Persons You can serve with your family and friends.
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