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Breads >> Chapati (roti)
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Breads >> Chapati (roti)


8 Oz Chapati Flour, Or 4 Oz Each Of Whole-wheat And Plain Flour, Plus Additional Flour For Dusting
Put The Flour In A Bowl.
Gradually Add Enough Water To Make A Soft Dough (about 7 Fl Oz Of Water).
Knead The Dough For Several Minutes Until Smooth.
Cover The Dough With A Damp Cloth And Set Aside For Half An Hour To Rest. If The Dough Is Runny, Flour Your Hands And Knead For A Few More Minutes.
Form Twelve Equal Balls And Dust Each With Flour. Heat Up A Cast-iron Griddle Or Frying Pan Over A Low Flame On A Medium Heat.
Take One Of The Balls Of Dough, Flatten It Between The Palms Of The Hands, And Dust It With Flour On Both Sides.
Roll Out To A 5 " Round, And Slap The Roti Onto The Heated.
Cook For About A Minute, Or Until Soft Bubbles Begin To Form, Then Turn Over And Cook For Half A Minute On The Second Side.
If You Have A Gas Cooker, Then Use Tongs To Hold The Roti In A Second Flame For 3 Seconds On Each Side.
The Roti Should Puff Up. Alternatively If You Have An Electric Stove, Put The Roti Under A Hot Grill For A Few Seconds Until It Puffs Up.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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