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Starter >> Three Flavored Dumplings
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Starter >> Three Flavored Dumplings



Lb Shrimp, Chopped Lb Scallops, Chopped 2 Dried Black Mushrooms, Soaked, Drained, Trimmed And Chopped 1 Tbsp Chopped Cilantro (coriander Leaves) 1 Tsp Chopped Fresh Red Chili (optional) 14-16 Wonton Wrappers Marinade: 2 Tbsp Oyster-flavored Sauce Tsp White Pepper

combine Marinade Ingredients In A Bowl.
Add Remaining Ingredients Except Wonton Wrappers And Mix Well.
Place 1 Heaping Tbsp Of Filling In Center Of Each Wrapper.
Wet Edges Of Wrapper With Water And Fold To Make A Triangle.
Line Steaming Tray With Foil.
Punch Holes In Foil To Let Steam In.
Arrange Dumplings A Few At A Time On Top Of Foil.
Pour 4 Cups Of Water In The Pot And Bring To A Boil.
Place Tray On Top Of Pot And Steam Until Done, For About 10 Minutes.
Serve Dumplings With Soy Sauce Or Your Favorite Dipping Sauce. Serves: 6-8 Preparation Time: 15-20 Minutes

You can serve with your family and friends.
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