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Beef >> Fried Qeema With Stuffed Green Chillies
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Beef >> Fried Qeema With Stuffed Green Chillies


Cooking Oil = ½ Cup Red Chili (whole) = 5 Qeema (mince) = ½ Kg Haldi (powder) = 1 Tsp Green Chilies = 8-10 (large Size) Zeera (grinded) = 2 Tsp Onion = 2 (average Size) Tamarind Juice = ½ Cup Curd = 1 Cup Dhaniya (powder) = 2 Tsp Red Chili (powder) = 2 Tsp Ginger-garlic (paste) = 1 Tsp Sounff = 1 Tsp Salt To Taste
Take Chilies And Make Slits In Center And Remove Seeds.
Take Separate Bowl And Add Tamarind Juice, Zeera Powder, Salt (to Taste), Sonuff & Dhaniya Powder.
Make Paste Of Them And Stuff It In Green Chilies And Wrap Them With Thread.
In ½ Cup, Habib Cooking Oil Add Chop Onion And Fry Till Light Brown.
Add Qeema With Garlic-ginger Paste And Look Till Aroma Arises And Qeema’s Water Gets Evaporated.
Than Add Salt, Red Chili (whole) & Zeera.
When Qeema Gets Cooked Add ½ Cup, Curd And Cover A Lid For 10 Minutes.
Then Add Stuffed Chilies And Cook For 5 Minutes Till Becomes Tender.
Serve Hot With Coriander Leaves (green Dhaniya) And Ginger.
Best To Serve With Nan Or Fried Rice (baghar-e-chawal)

Preparation Time : 25 - 30 Minutes Serves 5 - 6 People You can serve with your family and friends.
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