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Arabian >> Dates With Sesame Seeds (tumr Bel Simsim)
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Arabian >> Dates With Sesame Seeds (tumr Bel Simsim)


Blanched Almonds. . . . .350 G. Corn Oil. . . . ¼ Cup Sesame Seeds. . . . .1 Cup Large Soft Dates. . . . 500 G.
Fry The Almonds In Little Until Golden Brown, Then Spread Them On Absorbent Kitchen Towels For A Few Minutes To Absorb Any Excess Oil.
Dry Roast The Sesame Seeds For A Few Minutes In A Small Heavy Based Frying Pan Until They Are Brown, Stirring Constantly.
Spread Sesame Seeds On A Cookie Sheet To Cool.
Using A Sharp Knife Slice The Dates Almost In Half And Remove The Stones.
Stuff Each Date With An Almond, Press Gently To Close, And Roll In Sesame Seeds.
Arrange In Single A Layer On A Silver Tray.

Serves: 8 - 10 You can serve with your family and friends.
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Dates With Sesame Seeds (tumr Bel Simsim)
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