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Do you have confidence in your self as a learner?   Or do you often find yourself thinking "learning is hard.  It’s boring.  I’m not really smart enough, and I’m not really inte...
Author: Royane Real
In any single month, more than 10,000 people search for the ¡°Chinese alphabet¡± on the internet. Question is: Does the Chinese language have an alphabet? If so, where is it? Why don¡¯t I ¡°se...
Author: Kah Joon Liow
Submission Date: 2006-01-30
If you’re among the 34 to 38 million adults in the US who never graduated from high school, then you’ve probably considered getting your GED, the adult learner’s alternative to a high school diploma. ...
Author: Leonard Williams
Submission Date: 2006-01-30
You have listened to me for a year now talking about Choice Theory but I know I’ve never really explained what Choice Theory is. Choice Theory is actually an explanation of all human behavior develope...
Author: Kim Olver
Submission Date: 2006-01-30
When examining instructional models we are offered a multitude of models focusing on the curriculum and the best instructional approach for the teacher based upon his or her particular style. Less oft...
Author: Reg Adkins
Submission Date: 2006-01-30
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