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How to Podcast? An Introductio

podcasting is the newest craze on the internet and it continues to expand on a daily basis. former mtv host adam curry and software developer dave winer are credited with developing podcasting. cur

Watch Your Mouth!

internet users are very autonomous and self-directed people. with this in mind, you will have to echo those character traits and use the right tone of voice to fit with them. you should also be ver

RPG Games For Beginners
Making Internet Radio Work

when i was 13 years old there was a movie that came out that literally changed my life. it was 1973 and the movie was american graffitti. i quickly fell in love with the music and the 50's subcultu

5 Rules for Forwarding E-mail

forwarding of e-mails is one of the topics i get contacted about the most. and, one which also causes hurt feelings and misunderstandings more than any other topic. daily, e-mails flow in from onli

Short Story Ideas - How To Hav

hopefully, when you want short story ideas, you don’t sit there waiting for inspiration. it’s better to write anything, and do it right now. english writer graham green attributes much

The Wave of the Future
Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence is the hot topic on many boards today. it is also the hot topic in many laboratories and software houses. the military is trying to harness it to replace humans, the game ho

Domain name secrets revealed

if internet is about interactivity between websites, domain name is the door for that interactivity. it is your online identity, very much like the name of your best friend, what is his very own pe

Writing A Book - Tips From An

the one overriding principle you have to remember when creating a blockbuster of a plot is to avoid randomness. a good story is a chain of events, and each link in the chain is bound to other links

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