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Rambling Thoughts on Trusting

i’ve been thinking lately of trust. all of us presumably join a writer’s group to mingle with other writers and share thoughts on our work. we want to read and be read. we want to share

Critique The Poem Not The Poet

the act of writing poetry is something that is very personal to us poets and sharing it for the first time can be a very frightening experience. the first experience of having your work criticized

Detect Spyware Online

you can detect spyware online using free spyware cleaners and by installing spyware protection software on your computer. often it's best to start with free spyware cleaners because these free prog

Voice Over Internet Protocol (

voip technology is revolutionary in that it combines internet access with telephone service therefore utilizing the same technology for two very different things. now, instead of having a tradition

Writing A Book - Tips From An

the one overriding principle you have to remember when creating a blockbuster of a plot is to avoid randomness. a good story is a chain of events, and each link in the chain is bound to other links

Four Important Commands For Yo

more ccna and ccnp candidates than ever before are putting together their own home practice labs. it’s more affordable than it ever has been, and i receive emails daily from new ccnas and ccn

10 Top Tips For Writing A Supe

one of the most often asked questions that i see is ’how can i write an ezine that people will want to read.’ anyone can tell you that there is ’money in the list’ but how d

Top Spyware Removers Considera

only the top spyware removers are successful at detecting and removing spyware and adware from your computer. you should look for complete protection against these threats: spyware, adware, keylogg

How to Start a Screenplay: Tre

starting a screenplay can sometimes be as hard as finishing one. impatient to pull up to the front door of a classic motion picture, i want to get everything right so quickly. this impatience chall

Three Ways To Jumpstart Your I

we all get stuck in ruts from time to time, and that happens on the job as well. you’ve thought about doing something different with your information technology career, but just haven’t

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