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Youíve decided to join a writing workshop to show your work and hone your skills. Right? Youíve read in the adís that, Ďmembers read and give constructive reviews.í You want to be read! Did you quit r...
Author: Harriet Silkwood
Submission Date: 2006-01-30
I submitted the best story Iíve ever written to a contest, but it didnít even win an honorable mention! I guess Iím not as good a writer as I thought I was, I might as well quit right now. The hurt ...
Author: Harriet Silkwood
Submission Date: 2006-01-30
Early cave woman wasn’t content with her cave man’s rendition of "home" -- dark, blank walls that provided no ambience whatsoever. So, one day, when he grunted, she grunted back and soon t...
Author: Regenia G. Butcher
Submission Date: 2006-01-30
I’ve been thinking lately of trust. All of us presumably join a writer’s group to mingle with other writers and share thoughts on our work. We want to read and be read. We want to share ou...
Author: Harriet Silkwood
Submission Date: 2006-01-30
Starting a screenplay can sometimes be as hard as finishing one. Impatient to pull up to the front door of a classic motion picture, I want to get everything right so quickly. This impatience challeng...
Author: Gordy Hoffman
Submission Date: 2006-01-30
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