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Chicken >> Chicken In Batter With Sweet & Sour Sauce
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Chicken >> Chicken In Batter With Sweet & Sour Sauce


1 Onion ¼ Cucumber ½ Red Pepper Seeded ½ Green Pepper Seeded 1 Sliced Pineapple Fresh Or Canned 75ml (5 Tsp) Pineapple Juice 60ml (4 Tsp) Wine Vinegar 15ml (1 Tsp) Sugar ½ Tomato Peeled Seeded And Chopped Into 4 Pieces 300ml (½ Pint) Chicken Stock 30ml (2 Tsp) Oil 450g (1 Lb) Chicken Cut Into Small Sized Cubes 2.5ml Or ½ Tsp Of Red Food Colouring 1 Clove Garlic Chopped 5ml Or 1 Tsp Of Corn Flour Combined With A Little Water 5ml (1 Tsp) Salt And Freshly Ground Black Pepper To Taste 100g Or 4 Oz Of Self Raising Flour 225ml Or ½ Pint Of Water 225ml Or ½ Pint Of Vegetable Cooking Oil
Cut The Onion, Cucumber, Red And Green Peppers And Pineapple Into Thin Matchsticks.
To Make The Sweet And Sour Sauce In The Wok, Mix Together The Pineapple Juice, Wine Vinegar, Sugar, Tomato, Chicken Stock And Food Colouring.
Heat For Approximately 10 Minutes, Then Add The Corn Flour And Lastly Mix In The Onions, Cucumber, Red And Green Peppr.
Set Aside And Reheat When Required.
Add Salt And Pepper .
To Taste.
Place Cubes Of Chicken In A Small Bowl And Mix In Salt, Pepper And Corn Flour .
Allow To Marinate Until Required.
To Make The Batter, Mix The Flour And Water In A Small Bowl Until It Forms A Paste Like Batter.
Stir In The Cubes Of Chicken And Place In Wok With Cooking Oil, Make Sure That The Oil Is Hot.
Cook Until The Batter Is Golden Brown.
Once Cooked Place Chicken On A Plate And Pour On The Sweet And Sour Sauce.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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