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Starter >> Chicken Sweet Corn Soup
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Starter >> Chicken Sweet Corn Soup



150g Or 5Żoz Of Canned Sweetcorn 700 Ml Or 1╝ Pints Of Chicken Stock 2 Medium-sized Cooked Chicken Breasts 8 Baby Corn Cobs 2 Egg Whites 50g Or 2oz Spring Onions Chopped 2.5-cm (1-inch) Piece Root Ginger Chopped 30ml Or 2tbsps Of Light Soy Sauce Salt And Freshly Ground Pepper . . To Taste

place Chicken Stock, 700 Ml, Into A Saucepan And Gently Cook For 5 Minutes.
Whilst Cooking, Cut Chicken Breasts Into Thin Slices And Stir The Chicken Into The Stock.
Add The Sweet Corn From The Can And Baby Corn, And Stir.
Cover, Bring To Boil And Simmer For 10 Minutes.
Add The Ginger, Soy Sauce And Spring Onions, And Continue Cooking For Another 10 Minutes.
Add Salt And Pepper If Necessary, Lastly Stir In The Egg White .
Before Serving.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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