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Chicken >> Fig And Lemon Chicken
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Chicken >> Fig And Lemon Chicken


1 Lemon Juice ¼ Cup Brown Sugar ¼ Cup White Vinegar ¼ Cup Water 1 ½ Pounds Dried Figs 1 Lemon, Sliced 12 Chicken Thighs Salt To Taste 1 Tablespoon Chopped Fresh Parsley 1 Teaspoon Dried Parsley
Preheat Oven To 400 Degrees F (200 Degrees C).
In A Small Bowl, Combine Lemon Juice, Brown Sugar, Vinegar And Water; Set Aside.
Place Figs And Lemon Slices In The Bottom Of An 11x16 Inch Baking/roasting Dish.
Arrange Chicken Thighs On Top, Then Pour Vinegar Mixture Over Chicken.
Finally, Sprinkle With Salt And Dried Parsley To Taste.
Bake/roast At 400 Degrees F (200 Degrees C) For 50 Minutes, Basting Frequently (turn Figs If They Begin To Brown).
With A Slotted Spoon, Remove Chicken, Figs And Lemon Slices From Baking Dish And Place On A Warm Platter.
Skim Fat From Cooking Juices, Then Pour Over Chicken As Sauce.
Garnish With Fresh Parsley And Serve.

"chicken Thighs Roasted With Figs And Lemon Slices In A Lemon, Vinegar And Brown Sugar Glaze. Easy, Delicious And If You Donot Feel The Sauce Is Enough It Can Easily Be Doubled." Recipe Yield: 12 Servings. You can serve with your family and friends.
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