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Chicken >> Balsamic Tomato Salsa Chicken
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Chicken >> Balsamic Tomato Salsa Chicken


1 Cut-up Chicken 2 Teaspoons Chopped Fresh Oregano 1 ½ Teaspoons Salt, Divided Use 1 ½ Teaspoons Pepper, Divided Use 2 Teaspoons Chopped Fresh Flat-leaf Parsley 2 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Divided Use 1 Large Bermuda Onion, Diced Use ½ Cup Balsamic Vinegar 1 Red Bell Pepper, Diced 1 (12-ounce) Package Spinach Fettucine, Cooked According To Package Directions 1 Yellow Bell Pepper, Diced 3 Large Garlic Cloves, Minced 4 Large Tomatoes, Seeded And Diced Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheese 2 Teaspoons Chopped Fresh Basil
Sprinkle ½ Of The Salt And ½ Of The Pepper On Chicken.
In Frypan, Place 1 Tablespoon Of The Oil And Heat To Medium High Temperature.
Add Dark Meat Parts To Frypan And Cook, Turning Frequently, About 10 Minutes.
Add Remaining Chicken Parts And Cook An Additional 7 Minutes.
Cover And Cook 20 Minutes On Medium Temperature Or Until Juices Run Clear When Chicken Is Pierced With Fork.
Remove Chicken From Pan And Keep Warm In 300o F.
Drain Frypan And Add Remaining 1 Tablespoon Oil.
Add Onion, Red And Yellow Pepper And Garlic.
Sauté About 2 Minutes On Medium Temperature.
Add Tomatoes, Basil, Oregano, Parsley And Balsamic Vinegar And Cook 1 Minute.
Add Remaining Salt And Pepper.
Serve Chicken On A Bed Of Cooked Fettucine And Spoon Salsa Around Chicken.
Sprinkle With Parmesan Cheese.

Makes 4 Servings. You can serve with your family and friends.
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