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Chicken >> Beer-b-cued Chicken
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Chicken >> Beer-b-cued Chicken


¾ Cup (1 ½ Sticks) Butter, Divided Use 1 (3-pound) Chicken, Cut Up 1 (14-ounce) Bottle Barbecue Sauce 1 Cup Beer
Preheat Oven To 350of (175oc).
Melt ½ Cup Butter In A 13 X 9 X 2-inch Baking Pan.
Add Cut-up Chicken, Turning To Coat All Sides.
Bake For 30 Minutes.
In A Medium Sauce Pan, Melt Remaining ¼ Cup Butter With Barbecue Sauce And Beer Over Medium-high Heat.
Bring To Boil, Stirring Constantly.
Remove From Heat And Set Aside.
Prepare Barbecue Grill.
Dip Chicken Pre`-baked Chicken In The Prepared Barbecue Sauce And Arrange Skin-side Down On On Grill.
Cook, Turning And Basting Frequently With Sauce Until Browned And Juices Run Clear When Chicken Is Pierced With A Fork, About 30 Minutes.
Serve Hot Or Cold With Any Remaining Sauce On The Side.

Makes 4 Servings. You can serve with your family and friends.
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