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Snacks >> Egg Rolls
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Snacks >> Egg Rolls



1. Cup Carrots, Chopped 2. 10 Cabbage Leaves, Chopped 3. 2 Spring Onions 4. 4 Cups Fresh Bean Sprouts 5. Medium Onion, Chopped 6. 1 Cup Button Mushrooms, Chopped 7. Kg Minced Chicken, Cooked 8. Kg Small Prawns, Cooked 9. 1tbsp Vinegar 10. 2 Tbsp Cup Soy Sauce 11. 1 Packet Egg Roll Wrappers 12. Oil For Frying 13. 1 Egg, Beaten

1. Quick Fry The Vegetables.
2. Mix All Ingredients Together.
3. Then Cool.
4. To Make Rolls, Place About 2 Tbsp Filling Mixture In The Center Of The Wrapper.
5. Fold 1 Corner Over Mixture And Fold In Ends.
Continue Rolling.
6. Brush Egg Mixture On Exposed Corner Of Wrapper To Help Seal Egg Roll.
7. Put Egg Rolls In Hot Oil, A Few At A Time, And Fry For A Few Minutes On Each Side Until Golden Brown.
8. Remove And Drain On Paper.
9. Serve Warm With Tomato Sauce, Or Sauce Of Your Choice

Serve For 3 You can serve with your family and friends.
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