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Chicken >> Chicken Macoroni
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Chicken >> Chicken Macoroni



½ Kg Boneless Chicken 23 Tbsp Hara Masala (depending On Your Taste) 1 Glass Of Milk 1 Small Tomato Chopped 12 Banana Peper ¼ Cup Oil 12 Tspn Corn Starch 1 Small Potato Cut Into Small Cubes ½ Packet Or Spagetti Noodles Salt (depending Upon Taste)

1. Boil Chicken In Hara Masala And Salt(hari Mirche, Garlic, And Ginger).
Add Cut Potatoes Along With The Chicken To Boil.
Save The Water When The Chicken Is Fully Cooked.
2. Boil The Spagetti Noodles.
3. In A Lager Pot Add Oil, Corn Starch And Milk.
Mix Really Well.
Keep Mixing Until The Mixutre Starts To Thicken.
Now Start Adding The Water From The Chicken Slowly.
Keep Stiring Adding A Little Chcken Stock At A Time Or Until The Mixture Starts To Thicken.
Add The Chicken Stock Until You Get A Liquidy Consistency.
Now Add The Chicken And Potatoes To The Pot.
Add The Cut Up Bananna Peppers And The Tomatoes.
Lastly Add The Spagetti Noodles.
Mix Well. 4. Cook For A Little While Longer And Make Sure Not To Cover The Lid.
5. Serve With Lemon Slices.

If The Chcken Macoroni Thickens Add A Little Bit Of Water To The Pot And Put On Slow Heat You can serve with your family and friends.
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