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Dessert >> Chanay Ki Roti
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Dessert >> Chanay Ki Roti



1. Khaskhas 2 Tablespoons 2. Dalchini 3 Pieces 3. Clove 10 4. Jaifal 1 5. Big Black Ilaychi 5 6. Chana Dal 3 Tablespoons 7. Water To Boil 2 Glass 8. Wheat Flour 3 Kg 9. Sugar 10. Salt

two Glass Water Boil 2. Add In Boiling Water ,tie 1-6 Ingredients In Muslin Cloth And Pour In Boiling Water 3. Let It Boil At Least 4-5 Time 4. Put Off Gas ,wrap In Blanket 5. Next Day Same Time See ,if Bubbles Are There, Heat Lightly Add ½ Kg Atta , Mix Like Pakoda Batter 6. Again Cover With Blanket 7. After Two Hours ,atta Will Ferment 8. Add Rest Of Atta With Warm Water, Add Salt Sugar Mix Well And Cove 9. After Two Hours It Will Ferment 10. On Cot Spread Sheet Roll Rotis With Hand And Put On Sheet ,cover 11. Continue This Process Till Whole Atta Is Rolled And Covered 12. Fry.
Cool And Siore, It Will Last For 15

Serve For 10 You can serve with your family and friends.
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