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Chicken >> Ginger Chicken
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Chicken >> Ginger Chicken


1 Lb. Of Chicken Breast (off The Bone) 1 (3"-piece) Of Ginger (adrak) ½ Tsp. Of Black Peppers (kaali Mirch) (grounded) ½ Tsp. Of Salt 1 Tsp. Of Garam Masala 2 Tbsp. Of Plain Yogurt 4 Tbsp. Of Vegetable Oil
1) Cut The Ginger Into Match-stick Like Pieces (3 Inches Long 2mm Thick).
2) Mix The Garam Masala , Black Pepper And Salt Into The Yogurt.
3) Now Heat The Oil And Pour The Yogurt Mixture In It And Stir/fry Until The Water Of The Yogurt Has Boiled Away And You Can See The Oil.
4) Add The Ginger Sticks And Stir/fry For 10 Minutes.
5) Then Add The Chicken Pieces And Sprinkle 2 Tablespoons Of Water Over The Chicken.
6) Cover The Pan And Let It To Cook For 15 Minutes.
7) Stir The Chicken Thoughly And Cook For A Further 10 Minutes.
8) Stir It Carefully (or Carefully Turn The Chichen Pieces Over), Leave The Lid Off And Let It Cook On Low Heat For 10 Minutes.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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