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Dessert >> Dough Balls
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Dessert >> Dough Balls



flour,3.5,cup,plain Dried Yeast,,ounce,plain Water,2.5,cup,luke-warm Sugar,1,teaspoon Atter Syrup,4,cup Corn Oil,,,for Frying Ground Cinnamon,,,optional

sift The Flour Into A Large Warm Mixing Bowl.
Dissolve The Yeast In ¼ Cup Of The Lukewarm Water Add Sugar And Set Aside Until The Mixture Rises And Foams.
Beat All Remaining Ingredients Into The Yeast Mixture.
Gradually Beat In The Flour Until The Mixtur Becomes A Sticky Batter.
Cover With A Damp Towel And Set In A Warm Place To Rise, Approximately 1 ¼ Hours.
Beat Mixture Well Every 15 Minutes For The First Hour. Add About 2 Inches Of Vegetable Oil To A Large Skillet And Heat Until Very Hot.
Use A Wet Teaspoon To Drop Spoonfulls Of Dough Into Tho Skillet.
When The Doughballs Swell And Rise To The Top Reduce The Heat To Medium And Cook Until Crisp And Golden Brown.
Cooking Time Is About 5 Minutes Per Batch. Remove The Dough Balls From The Skillet Aand Drain On A Paper Towel.
While They Are Still Hot Dip Them Briefly Into The Atter Syrup.
Sprinkle With Cinnamon.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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