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Chicken >> Chicken Chow Mein
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Chicken >> Chicken Chow Mein


1 Lb (500 G) Flour Noodles 10 ½ Oz (300 G) Boneless Chicken Breast, Skinned 1 Egg White 2 ½ Tbsp Cornstarch (corn Flour) Dissolved In 1 ¼ Tbsp Water 13 Tbsp (200 Ml) Vegetable Oil (or Lard) 7 Oz (200 G) Chives, Washed Well And Cut Into 1 Inch (3 Cm) Sections 1 Tbsp Salt, Or To Taste 1 Cup (200 Ml) Chicken Broth ¼ Tsp Msg (optional)
1. Shred The Chicken Breasts.
Mix The Egg White And The Cornstarch-water Into A Paste And Coat The Chicken Shreds.
2. Heat 4 ½ Tbsp (100 Ml) Of The Oil In A Wok To About 212of(100oc).
Add The Chicken Shreds And Cool, Stirring, Until They Turn White.
Pour Out The Oil And Set It Aside.
Mix The Chives, Msg, Salt, And Stock With The Chicken And Bring To A Boil.
Drain Off And Reserve The Broth And Seasonings.
Place The Chicken Shreds In A Bowl.
3. Boil The Noodles 3 Times, As Described In Recipes 165 And 166. After The Final Boiling Rinse In Cold Water And Drain Well.
4. Heat 4 ½ Tbsp (100 Ml) Of The Oil, Including That Used Earlier, In The Wok Until The Oil Surface Ripples.
Tilt The Wok To Swirl The Oil Around.
Add The Noodles In An Even Layer.
Shallow-fry Them, Swirling The Wok So They Cook Evenly.
Fry Until Browned On One Side, Then Slide The Wok Scoop Or A Spatula Under The Noodles And Turn Them Over.
Sprinkle The Other 4 Tbsp Of Oil Around The Edges And Shallow-fry The Noodles Until Browned On The Other Side.
Add The Reserved Chicken Broth.
Cover The Wok And Simmer For 1 Minute, Or Until The Noodles Absorb The Sauce.
Toss The Noodles With Chopsticks Or A Fork And Add The Chicken Shreds.
Stir, Remove, And Serve.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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