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Chicken >> Braised Chicken
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Chicken >> Braised Chicken


Chicken 1.5 Kg. Onion, Halved 1 No. Cloves 2 No. Streaky Bacon,chopped (optional) 115 Gms. Vegetable Stock Or Water 1 Liter. Black Pepper, Ground As Required Celery Sticks, Quartered 4 Nos. Carrots, Quartered 4 Nos. Turnips, Quartered 4 Nos. Small Leeks 12 Nos. Bay Leaves To Garnish As Required Salt As Required
1.put The Chicken In A Large Dish And Pierce 1 Clove In Each Onion Half.
2.add The Onion Halves In The Dish With The Bacon.
3.add Enough Stock To Cover And Bring To A Boil.
4.add Salt And Pepper, Skim The Scum From The Surface, Cover And Simmer For 1 Hour.
5.add The Celery, Carrots And Turnips, Cover And Cook For 30 Minutes.
6.add The Leeks And Cook For Another 15 Minutes, Until The Chicken And Vegetables Are Tender.
7.transfer The Chicken And Vegetables To A Serving Plate. 8.boil The Left Over Liquid Juice Till It Forms A Thick Sauce.
9.pour This Sauce Over The Chicken And The Vegetables And Garnish With Bay Leaves

You can serve with your family and friends.
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