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Dessert >> Chocolate Coconut Squares
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Dessert >> Chocolate Coconut Squares



Cup Butter Or Margarine -- At Room Temperature , 1 Cup Dark Brown Sugar , 1 Cup Flour -- Plus 1 Tbsp. , 2 Eggs , 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract , 1 Cup Chopped Pecans Or Walnuts , 1 Cup Flaked Or Shredded Coconut , 6 Ounces Semisweet Chocolate Chips

1. Cream Butter And ½ Cup Of The Brown Sugar Until Smooth.
Add 1 Cup Of The Flour And Combine Until Mixture Forms Coarse Crumbs.
Press Dough Into An 8- Or 9-inch Square Glass Baking Dish.
, 2. Microwave On 100% Power 3 To 5 Minutes, Rotating Dish If Necessary For Even Doneness.
Crust Should Lose All Moist Spots And Look Like A Cooked Pie Shell (it Will Not Brown).
, 3. Combine Eggs, Vanilla, Nuts, Coconut, Chocolate Chips, Remaining Flour, And Remaining Brown Sugar.
, 4. Spread Mixture Over Crust.
Microwave On 100% Power 4 To 5 Minutes, Until Set, Rotating Dish If Necessary For Even Doneness.
, 5. Cool On Wire Rack, Then Cut Into Squares.
, Makes 16 Squares.
, Note: You Can Substitute Butterscotch Chips For The Chocolate, Or Use A Combination Of Both.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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