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Chicken >> Murgh Tikka Haryali
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Chicken >> Murgh Tikka Haryali


1 Kg . Boneless Chicken 5 Tbsp . Ginger Paste 5 Tbsp . Garlic Paste 2 Tsp . Chilli Powder 2 Tbsp . Garam Masala ¾ Cup . Thick Dahi(curd) ½ Cup . Thick Cream 1 Bunch . Coriander 1 Bunch . Mint Leaves 10-12 . Spinach Leaves 3 Tbsp . Lemon Juice Salt To Taste Oil For Basting
1. Cut The Chicken Into 1 ½" Chunks And Marinate With Salt, Chilli Powder And Lemon Juice, Keep Aside.
2. Grind The Coriander, Mint & Spinach Leaves To A Fine Paste.
Mix This Paste With Dahi, Cream, Ginger And Garlic Pastes And The Garam Masala.
3. Mix The Paste With The Chicken & Leave In The Fridge Overnight.
4. Remove From The Fridge Atleast One Hour Before Cooking.
5. Grill The Chicken Pieces On Skewers Or A Grilling Tray Basting Over With Oil.
6. Cook Until Chicken Is Tender & Browned On All Sides.
Serve Hot With Chutney & Onion Rings.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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