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Chicken >> Curried Chicken Pieces
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Chicken >> Curried Chicken Pieces


One Kg Chicken Pieces One Tablespoon Oil One Tablespoon Butter One Onion, Chopped Two Sticks Celery, Sliced One Cooking Apple, Chopped One Clove Garlic, Crushed One Tomato, Skinned And Sliced One Green Capsicum, Chopped One Tablespoon Curry Powder One Tablespoon Flour One-and-a-half Cup Chicken Stock
(step 1) Preheat Large Browning Dish On High In The Microwave Oven For Five Minutes.
(step 2) Place Chicken Pieces With Oil Into Dish And Cook On High For Six Minutes.
Turn Over Once During Cooking.
(step 3) Remove Chicken Pieces And Set Aside.
Wipe The Browning Dish.
(step 4) Place Butter In The Dish With Onion, Celery, Apple, Garlic, Tomato And Capsicum.
Cook On High For Three Minutes.
(step 5) Return Chicken Pieces To Dish.
Blend Curry Powder And Flour With A Small Quantity Of Stock.
Add To Chicken With Remainder Of Stock.
(step 6) Cover And Cook On High For Twenty Minutes.
Stir Occasionally During Cooking.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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