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Starter >> Egg Mushroom Delight
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Starter >> Egg Mushroom Delight


Eggs- 5 Nos. Button Mushrooms(sliced)-½ Cup Onion(finely Chopped)-½ Cup Tomato(finely Chopped)-½ Cup Capsicum(finely Chopped)-¼ Cup Garlic(finely Chopped)-1 Tsp Cilantro(finely Chopped)-¼ Cup Red Chilly Powder-2 Tsp Saunf -¼ Tsp Garam Masala Powder- ½ Tsp A Pinch Of Haldi Grated Cheese- 2tsp Cooking Oil- 2 Tbsp Salt & Pepper Powder To Taste.
Heat Oil In A Flat Non-stick Pan.
Add Saunf, Garlic, Onion , Sauté For A While And Add Casicum And Mushrooms.
Stir Fry For 2 Mins And Add Tomato & Sauté About 2 Mins.
Add Red Chilly Powder, Salt, Haldi And Garam Masala.
Cook On Slow Flame For 1 Minute.
Spread The Mixture Evenly In The Pan.
Now Break The Eggs Directly On Top Of The Mixture To Form A Circle.(one Egg At The Centre And 4 On Each Corner).
Take Care That The Egg Yolk Remains Intact.
Sprinkle Some Salt & Pepper On Top.
Spread Grated Cheese And Cilantro Evenly On Top.
Cover The Lid And Cook On Slow Flame For 5-8 Mins.
To Check Whether The Egg Has Cooked, Prick The Yellow Portion With A Fork And Ensure That It Is Fully Cooked.
Remove From Fire When Done And Cut Into 4 Triangles, Each Of It Covering An Egg And Serve Hot.

This Recipe Is Not Just A Treat To The Palate But Also To The Eyes, As The Final Outcome Is Very Colourful. You can serve with your family and friends.
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