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Dessert >> Jalebi
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Dessert >> Jalebi


250g Maida (all-purpose) Flour 25g Gram Flour 1 Tbsp Oil 1 Cup Yogurt 2 ½ Cups Water 350g Sugar 2-3 Pinches Yellow Color 500g Ghee Or Butter 4-6 Threads Saffron, Soaked In 2 Tbsp Hot Milk
Mix Together The Flours, Oil, Yogurt And Water To Make A Medium Thick Paste.
Cover And Keep Overnight For Fermentation.
Prepare A Two String Syrup With The Sugar And Water.
Add Yellow Color And Saffron To The Syrup.
Keep Aside.
Beat The Flour Mixture Well And Fill In A Plastic Bag With A Hole At The Bottom.
Squeeze Out The Batter By Pressing The Bag Into The Hot Ghee.
Drop Medium Sized Whirls In A Continuous Flow Beginning From Outer Circle And Ending In The Center.
This Will Give Better Shape To The Jalebies.
Then Dip In The Suger Syrup.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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