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Dessert >> Khubani Ka Meetha
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Dessert >> Khubani Ka Meetha


250 Grm. Dried Apricot 2 Cups Water 3 Tbs. Sugar ½ Liter Milk 2 Tbs. Sugar For Custard 2 Tbs. Custard Powder Fresh Cream
Presoak The Apricot Preferably Overnight.
Remove The Pits And Take Out The Almond From Inside The Pit And Keep Aside. In A Pot Boil The Apricot With 2 Cups Of Water.
Add The 3 Tbs Of Sugar To This Water.
When The Quantity Of The Water Is Reduced To 1-cup Remove From Heat.
Cool And Grind To A Paste That Is Neither Too Thick Nor Too Fine. Add The Almonds That Were Removed From The Pits To This Pulp Mixture. In Another Pot Prepare The Custard Either According To Instructions On The Custard Powder Packet Or According To The Following. Take ½ Liter Of Milk.
Bring To The Boil.
Add The 2 Tbs Of Sugar.
Meanwhile Mix The 2 Tbs Of Custard Powder With A Few Tbs Of Milk And Add To The Boiling Milk Stirring Constantly Otherwise It Will Coagulate. Cook For A Few Minutes Till It Thickens Slightly.
Remove From Heat And Cool. Now In A Dish You Can Do Either One Of The Following 1. Add The Custard Then Top Off With A Layer Of The Apricot Pulp And Then With A Layer Of Fresh Cream. Or 2. Add A Layer Of Custard Then A Layer Of Apricot One On Top Of The Other.
Then Add A Final Layer Of Fresh Cream. Serve Chilled.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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