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Starter >> Apple Cider Salad
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Starter >> Apple Cider Salad


2 Packages Gelatin Powder Unflavored 2 Cups Apple Cider ¼ Teaspoon Salt 2 Cups Apples Diced ¼ Cup Black Walnuts Chopped 1 Tablespoon Chopped Parsley Cooking Oil Lettuce Leaves For Decorat
1. Put ½ Cup Cold Water Into A Small Bowl.
Sprinkle Two Envelopes (2 Tablespoons) Of Unflavored Gelatin On Water.
Let Stand 5-10 Minutes To Soften.
2. Heat 2 Cups Apple Cider Until Very Hot; Add Salt.
Remove From Heat And Immediately Add Softened Gelatin.
Stir Until Gelatin Is Completely Dissolved.
Have A 1 Quart Mold Lightly Greased With Cooking Oil.
Do Not Use Olive Oil.
Spoon About ½ Cup Of Gelatin Mixture Into Mold And Place In Refrigerator.
3. Chill Remaining Mixture Until Slightly Thicker Than Consistency Of Unbeaten Egg White.
Just Before Large Bowl Of Gelatin Is Desired Consistency, Dice Apples And Chop Walnuts And Parsley.
Add This To The Gelatin And Place Into The Mold Which Already Has Thin Bottom Layer Of Gelatin.
Chill Until Set.
4. Unmold Onto Serving Plate Which Has Been Decorated With Lettuce Leaves; Curly Endive Is A Good Choice.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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