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Breads >> Mooli Ka Paratha
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Breads >> Mooli Ka Paratha


-2 Cups Flour, White Or Whole Wheat -1 Tsp. Salt - Water For Mixing For Filling: - 3 Bunches White Radish (mooli) - 3 Green Chilies, Chopped - Cup Coriander Leaves, Chopped -1 Tsp. Salt -1 Tsp. Chili Powder - 2 Tbsp. Ghee - Ghee Or Butter For Shallow Frying
1. Combine Flour And Salt In A Medium Bowl.
Gradually Add Water To Bind The Mixture Together.
Knead Well For A Few Minutes Until Dough Leaves The Sides Of The Bowl Clean.
Cover With A Damp Cloth And Keep Aside For 15 Minutes. 2. Meanwhile Prepare The Stuffing.
Wash The Radish And Grate Them, Using A Vegetable Grater.
Place The Grated Radish In A Colander, Add 1 Teaspoon Salt And Mix Well.
Keep Aside For 15 Minutes.
3. Place A Small Amount Of Radish Between The Palm Of Your Hands And Press To Squeeze Out Water.
Put Radish In A Bowl, Add Green Chilies, Coriander Leaves, Salt, Chili Powder And 3 Tablespoons Ghee And Mix Well.
Divide Filling Into 6 Equal Parts. 4. Divide Dough Into 12 Round Balls.
Flatten Each Ball Slightly.
Put One Portion Of Filling In Centre.
Place The Other Round Over To Cover The Filling And Press The Edges Together To Seal. 5. Dip The Stuffed Round Into Some Dry Flour To Prevent It From Sticking To The Surface And Rolling Pin.
6. Roll Out Each Round On A Lightly Floured Surface Into A Round 6 Inches (15 Cm) In Diameter.
7. Cook One At A Time On A Hot Griddle Over Medium Heat.
Put About 1 Or 2 Tbsp Ghee Around The Edge.
Turn Gently.
Cook Until Sides Turn Golden Brown.
Serve With Yogurt And Lemon Or Mixed Pickle.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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