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Breads >> Makai Ki Roti
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Breads >> Makai Ki Roti


6 Tblsp Butter 1 Cup Corn Meal (makai Ka Atta) Salt To Taste Cup Whole Wheat Up Flour

mix Cornmeal, Whole-wheat Up Flour And Salt.
Mix In Sufficient Lukewarm Water, A Little At A Time, To Make Medium Soft Dough.
Divide The Prepared Dough Into Eight To Ten Equal Portions.
Wet Your Hand With A Little Water And Flatten Each Portion On A Wet Polythene Sheet, Into A Disk Of Four To Five Inches Diameter.
Heat Up A Tawa, Apply A Little Oil And Transfer Makai Roti Carefully On To The Tawa.
Spoon A Little Oil On The Sides Of Makai Roti And Stir Fry On Low Heat Up For One Minute.
Turn The Makai Roti And Stir Fry The Other Side For One Minute Or Till Crunchy And Light Golden Brown.
Spray The Cooked Rotis With Grease And Serve Hot With Sarson Ka Saag.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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