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Breads >> Paratha Baida (roti)
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Breads >> Paratha Baida (roti)



2 Cup Flour, Whole Wheat
1 Tsp hara Dhanya
2 Tsp salt
4 Eggs; Boiled And Mashed
Water To Knead
2 Tsp ghee Ghee; For Shallow Frying
½ Tsp pepper


1-sift Whole Wheat Flour In Bowl With 1 Tsp Salt.
Gradually Add Water, Make A Stiff Flour.
Cover With A Damp Cloth.
Keep Aside For 20 Minutes.
2-boil Eggs And Mash Well.
Add 1 Tsp Salt, Pepper, Hara Dhanya And 1 Tsp Ghee Or Oil.
Mix Thoroughly.
Knead The Dough Until Smooth.
3-divide Into 8 Equal Parts And Roll Out Each 4" Diameter Circle.
Place 1 Tbsp Egg Filling In The Centre Of Each Circle.
Shape Them Into Round Balls Again.
Now Roll Out Each Ball On A Floured Board To A Circle Of 5" (13 Cm) Diameter.
Rub A Little Ghee Or Oil On One Side.
4-heat A Griddle, Shallow Fry Each Paratha With A Little Ghee Or Oil
(flip And Smear A Little Ghee On The Other Side With The Back Of A Spoon).
Cook Until Both Sides Turn Golden Brown, Turning Once Or Twice.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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