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Italian >> Artichoke Tartare With Cumin And Truffle Oil
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Italian >> Artichoke Tartare With Cumin And Truffle Oil


Artichoke Hearts. . .6 Extra-virgin Olive Oil. . . . 1 Tablespoon Garlic Clove, Pressed. . . .1 Parsley, Finely Chopped. . . .1 Tablespoon Vegetable Stock. . . . ½ Cup Cumin Seeds. . . .1 Teaspoon Eggs. . . . 2 Vinegar. . . .1 Tablespoon Salt And Pepper Truffle Oil
Bring Half A Cup Of Water To A Boil And Add The Chamomile Flowers.
In A Skillet, Melt The Butter And Oil.
Add The Shallots And Garlic And Sweat For 5-6 Minutes.
Add The Leeks And Cook For Another 5-6 Minutes, Stirring Occasionally.
Add The Stock And The Reserved Soaking Water, Salt And Pepper, And Simmer For Approximately 10 More Minutes.
Pour The Soup In A Blender, Add Fresh Chervil And Blend Until Smooth.
Adjust Seasoning. Slice The Artichoke Hearts Very Thinly (use A Mandolin, If You Have It) And Place In A Bowl With Acidulated Water.
Grind The Cumin Seeds And Toast Them In A Hot Skillet For 4-5 Minutes.
Set Aside.
Add Vinegar To A Pot Of Water, Bring To The Boil And Reduce To A Slow Simmer.
Create A Swirl In The Water With A Fork, Drop In One Egg At A Time And Cook For 7-8 Minutes.
Remove With A Slotted Spoon And Set Aside In A Warm Place.
In A Medium Skillet, Heat The Olive Oil With The Garlic And Parsley.
Add The Artichokes, Vegetable Stock, Cumin, Salt And Pepper, And Cook 5 Minutes, Or Until Tender.
Take Them Out Of The Pan And Place On A Serving Platter (or Two Individual Plates) With The Poached Eggs.
Drizzle A Little Truffle Oil.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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