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Italian >> Langoustine With Goat`s Cheese Gnocchi
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Italian >> Langoustine With Goat`s Cheese Gnocchi


Potato Gnocchi. . . . 450g/1lb Soft Goats` Cheese. . . . 150g/5oz Double Cream. . . . .120ml/4fl.oz. Garlic Clove, Crushed. . . . 1 Freshly Chopped Sage. . . . .2 Tbsp Medium Tomatoes, Diced. . . 4
Bring A Large Saucepan Of Salted Water With A Pinch Of Salt And A Little Olive Oil To The Boil.
Add The Gnocchi And Reduce The Heat A Little So The Water Is At A Gentle.
As Soon As The Gnocchi Floats To The Top Drain In A Colander Then Rinse Under Cold Running Water To Stop The Cooking Process.
Set Aside.
Place The Double Cream And Garlic In A Large Pan, Bring It Almost To The Boil Then Whisk In The Goats Cheese Until Melted And Well Blended.
Add The Drained Gnocchi To The Pan Together With The Langoustine And Sage.

Gently Stir In The Tomatoes. Serve Immediately. You can serve with your family and friends.
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