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Italian >> Lenticchie Stufate Di Capodanno
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Italian >> Lenticchie Stufate Di Capodanno


Lentils. . . . 225g/8oz Sprigs Rosemary. . . . 2 Garlic Cloves, 1 Crushed, 1 Whole. . . .2 Olive Oil. . . . . .90ml/3fl.oz. Fresh Vegetable Stock (approx). . . . .240ml/8fl.oz. Salt And Pepper Tomato Paste. . . . 1 Tbsp
Place The Lentils In A Large Bowl, Cover With Water And Leave To Soak For 1 Hour.
After Soaking, Drain The Lentils And Place In Large Saucepan.
Cover With Water, Then Add 1 Sprig Of Rosemary Together With 1 Clove Of Garlic.
Bring The Boil Then Reduce The Heat And Simmer For 15 Minutes.
Drain The Lentils And Discard The Rosemary And Garlic Clove.
Set Aside.
Heat The Olive Oil In A Large Saucepan, Add The Remaining Rosemary And Crushed Garlic Stir For 1 Minute.
Add The Lentils, Stock, Salt, Pepper, And Tomato Paste, Stir Well And Cook Over A Medium Heat For 20 Minutes Until The Lentils Are Tender And Most Of The Liquid Has Been Absorbed.
Serve Hot.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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