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Italian >> Baked Spinach Pie
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Italian >> Baked Spinach Pie



for The Dough ------------------------------ All-purpose Flour. . . 2 Pounds Butter, Cubed. . . 12 Ounces Eggs. . . .3 Salt ------------------------------ For The Filling ------------------------------ Fresh Spinach. . . 2 Pounds Fontina, Cubed. . . . Pound Milk. . . Quart Eggs. . . 4 Extra-virgin Olive Oil. . . .5 Tablespoons Garlic Cloves, Chopped. . . 2

on A Flat Surface, Mix Together The Flour, Butter, 3 Eggs, And A Pinch Of Salt.
Knead To Form A Smooth Dough.
Place In A Bowl, Cover, And Refrigerate For 30 Minutes.
Then Knead More And Feed Through A Pasta Machine To Create A Very Thin Sheet.
Place In A Mold.
Meanwhile, Warm 5 Tablespoons Of Olive Oil In A Large Skillet, Add The Garlic, And The Spinach.
Sauté Until Soft And Remove From The Heat.
Drain The Spinach And Place It On Top Of The Dough Inside The Mold.
Add The Cubed Fontina Cheese.
In A Small Bowl, Whisk The Milk And The Eggs And Pour The Mixture Over The Spinach.
Bake In The Oven At 400o For About 25-30 Minutes.
Place On A Serving Platter, Slice And Serve Warm.

Serves: 6 You can serve with your family and friends.
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